We are two creative souls who found each other in back in 2013 while both working on set for a photo shoot. Irene was apprenticing under the Photographer who was present during a shoot Danielle was also hired for. For us it was an instant connection and we quickly became friends both in the studio and out! We continued to work together mostly as Model (Irene) and MUaH Artist (Danielle) until Irene was ready to launch her photography into the world. Now we bring our creative minds and over 20 years of combined first hand experience together to create unique and breathtaking images for clients. We love what we do on a different level! We know you'll enjoy all the extra love, heart and soul that we pour into our creative process. We genuinely enjoy seeing the wonder and excitement in our clients faces from the moment they see their custom built photo set to the moment they first see their hair and makeup reveal to the amazement at the RAW images to the final product reveal!


Irene started her path in Photography in 2007 after a 4 year career in commercial and fashion modeling. As part of her training she completed a 4 year intensive apprenticeship under a well respected photographer in Scottsdale, Arizona. Irene discovered a passion for creating unique Maternity and Portraiture works early on in her Photography career after being hired for a few different body paint Maternity photo shoots and artist headshot update shoots. Once she found her niche she started to develop her knowledge of set design to further expand her creative possibilities. She enjoys bringing whimsy and joy to her shoots through her sets and personality. Irene specializes in fantasy, post apocalyptic and custom settings, creating truly unique photos for anyone who books her. A lot of the props for the sets are hand built by Irene specifically for a booked concept. She rotates out themed rooms in her studio every 6 months or so. Besides building the set and taking and editing the photos for the session, Irene pose coaches when requested bringing to light her vast pose dictionary and 16 years of experience as a professional model in front of the camera.


Danielle Devonn Gary is a certified cosmetologist, esthetician and all around artist.. She is the founder of Manyfacegoddess makeup, hair and creative artistry. She has worked, managed and freelanced for numerous cosmetic lines like MAC, Urban Decay, Stila cosmetics and more. After working in salons and managing cosmetics for places like Sephora and Ulta, all while building a portfolio, she decided to make the jump and transition to full time freelance artist as of 2013. Since then she has worked with celebrities for shows like Love and Hip Hop and Bad Girls Club. She has helped designers on runway shows like Michael Costello and Betsy Johnson. Beyond that she has worked on film sets for Netflix, Time Warner Television, the NBA, NFL, MLB and various other production companies. When it comes to fashion, Danielle has worked as an artist for Phoenix, New York and Los Angeles's Fashion weeks. She has been in numerous publications and editorials for magazines such as; MUSE makeup magazine, Ebony magazine, Vogue magazine, Essence magazine, Black Hair Magazine, and Vibe Magazine. Over time she has fallen in love with photography and has dove further into perfecting her body paint and special effects artistry to enhance her craft. Danielle is full of energy and is always wanting to expand her craft and education in anyway possible, especially when it gives her a challenge. Being a previous college athlete, she has the ability to work well with just about anyone and never stops until the job is done.


Which package should I choose?

- Glow-Up and Glamazon -
Headshots, basic Boudoir, Fashion, Portfolio Building, Glamour, Best Friend photos, basic Maternity, First Time Photoshoots, Beauty, Promotional Photos

- Celebration -
High School/College/Trade School Graduation, Sweet 16, Birthday, Gender Announcement

- Goddess -
Milk Bath, Fairytale Sets, Fantasy Sets, Flower Bath, Alternate Universe, complex Boudoir,

- Body Paint or Glitter -
Anything that involves body paint or glitter

- Custom Creative -
You want us to create something inspired by images you have seen or dreamt up. You want a unique one-off set design and photoshoot. You would like a custom environment designed for your shoot.

Do I need to pay a Deposit?

Yes, we do require a deopsit at the time of booking. We require a $100 deposit via CashApp, Venmo, or Paypal. Don't worry though! Your Deposit will be applied towards the total cost of your photo shoot! Deposits not only lock in your date but also provide funds for us to begin crafting your environment! Every shoot is special to us so we want to make sure we put our all into each and every one of them! That means new paper rolls, props, wigs, makeup and more! All things that make your shoot have that something extra that makes everyone envious of your photos.

The ladies in your port look like models. I'm not a model.

Surprise! A lot of our featured "models" are not professional models! Just ladies who give us the pleasure of turning them into models! We take care of everything from hair to makeup to lighting to poses to flawless natural looking editing. Only 10% of the ladies in our port are model friends of ours! In fact some are models who we coached from non model to pro!

Where are you based and do you travel?

We are based in sunny Mesa, Arizona. All shoots are planned to take place in our Mesa Studio unless otherwise discussed prior to our shoot. We do offer a location package for those who absolutely prefer to use their own space within the state of Arizona. The travel package is ONLY available for Glow-Up, Celebration and Glamazon packages for a flat $200 additional fee.

Do you travel out of state?

We are available for out of state travel with enough notice. We do charge an additional fee for any out of state booking. This fee varies in cost depending on how far we must travel and how short notice we are being requested to travel.

When / how will I get my photos?

Getting your photos happens in two parts.
Part One: You will receive an online gallery link from our Pixieset Website with all your photos (minus the blinks and sneezes) within 4 days of our shoot. You can choose your favorites right in the gallery!
Part Two: Once Irene confirms receipt of your Favourites, she then begins the editing process! No later than two weeks from receiving your favourites Irene will send you a new link (this time via Dropbox) with your edits.
You will be able to download High Resolution digital edits from Dropbox for printing. There will also be social media cropped edits and censored edits when appropriate.

Do you offer totally private photo shoots?

100% yes! We will NEVER post any of your images on our portfolio or on our social media pages without your written consent.

General Studio Rules

- You may bring an escort or friend but please keep the behind the scenes distractions to a minimum. Escorts must be approved 24 hours before our shoot. Please send us their full name via email or messenger at least 24 hours before the date of our shoot. They will be required to sit in the makeup area during the shoot time to avoid distractions while shooting. You're investing in your shoot so we want to make sure you get the most out of it!

-No children please. Though we do our best to ensure the studio is safe at all levels and for everyone, when shooting it is impossible to give children the necessary care they deserve and need. Even if you have an escort to watch them, they often cause distractions that take away from your shooting time and overall experience.

-Irene is allergic to tobacco so any smoking must happen out back on the patio or out front. Vaping is allowed inside of the studio.